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10 Gym Exercises to Get You Race Ready

We know many of our riders and readers don't race dirt bikes...but we also know many of them do. Regardless as to whether you're an avid racer, or whether you just hop on the bike for fun, being in peak physical condition can sometimes mean the difference between a fun ride and a frustrating ride. Being in peak physical condition can also mean the difference between surviving the day or going home in a sling. In this sport, fitness isn't a joke. So we've written this article for the racers, the riders, the men, and the women behind bars that just want to go out and have fun--in their own way.

Undoubtedly, the best workout to get you race-ready is riding your dirt bike. But we know that riding your dirt bike isn't always possible for those that have full-time jobs, kids, and many other obligations in life. One or two hours (or maybe less) a day is not enough for most of us to get out and ride our bikes. We've put this list together keeping in mind the folks who don't have the ability to ride 24/7.

Before we go any further, we'd like to advise you to always consult your physician before starting a new fitness routine, and, as always, these fitness tips are not necessarily meant for people under the age of 18. Form is always important, and exercises can be dangerous. So, similar to getting on the seat of your bike, proceed at your own risk!

Box Jumps

Box jumps are a great exercise to get your legs ready for impact. Done correctly, this exercise effectively works the whole leg as well as cardio. It's an effective workout to get your explosive muscles ready for the impact they receive on a bike.


When it comes to deadlifts, there are many benefits. For riding dirt bikes, the primary benefit is working the lower back and the legs--exactly what you use on the bike!

Pro tip: instead of lifting as much as you can, try lifting less weight for a longer duration. On a bike, you aren't always pulling back aggressively, you're pulling consistently!


Planks are another very effective workout. They work your core, arms, shoulders, and legs. The longer you do it, the more stamina you'll get!

Reverse Planks

Similar to a standard plank, the reverse plank works your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and core. These have an added benefit of helping to stretch out your shoulders! This helps in the event that you do crash. Tight muscles with limited flexibility can lead to injury: broken clavicle or torn ACL being some of the most common.

Wall sits

How often are you standing on your dirt bike? If you've ever gone over a long line of whoops, you know what that leg burn feels like. Wall sits can help condition your leg muscles for the continuous engagement they get on the bike.


The squat is a universal and well-known exercise that is very effective and versatile. They are able to be done by anyone in any fitness level because they are adjustable to everyone's skill set. We like to spice our squats up by adding a balance board--working all of the little muscles in our legs at the same time that we work the major ones.


Rowing is an ultimate workout for a dirt bike, since it very much mimics the way your body is moving as you ride. Most gyms have a rowing machine at your disposal, but, if you don't have access to a gym or rowing machine, there are many ways you can mimic the exercise and work the same muscles.

Back Extensions

With this exercise, you lay flat on the ground and simultaneously lift both arms and both legs, creating an arch. With how much the back muscles are utilized on a dirt bike, this exercise does wonders. As you improve, you can increase the amount of time you stay in that position, or you can add weight to increase stamina and strength.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists are a great way to keep flexibility in your back while also strengthening it. Any core exercise will aid in your dirt bike abilities, but Russian twists are a phenomenal exercise due to their versatility and strengthening and stretching properties.


Lunges are another one of our go-to's since they work the entire leg and can made increasingly difficult as you grow into your workout routine.

These are just a few of the gym exercises can help you get into riding shape. There are definitely more out there definitely variations of all of the above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or right on our site!

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